Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grammar Goody #4 --Redundancies = Too Many Words

Redundancies abound these days. They make our discussions lengthy and our writing obtuse.

Here's a list of some of my favorites

1. add in

2. join together

3. time period

4. true facts

5.rise up

6. drop down (a favorite of meteorologists--temperatures don't just drop to -43, they drop down to -43)

7. live studio audience (imagine the possibility of a dead studio audience..might be good for Halloween, I suppose)

And my all time favorite is?

Free gift. (don't you just hate those gifts you have to pay for?)

No, really my all, all-time favorite is:

Each and every. 

Or how about ATM machine. Hey, what does the M stand for?

Something to think about. Any you'd care to add? Leave a written comment below. [get it?]

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