Monday, December 6, 2010

Essay Exam Advice #2: Get to the point and stay there!

One of the greatest frustrations of grading essay exams is the student whose essay displays lots of knowledge but not on the topic of the question. So, here's

Tip #2: Write only about those things that pertain directly to the question.
You may be tempted to display just how broad your erudition has become since you started taking Professor Brilliant's class, but don't give in. Neither Professor Brilliant nor I will be impressed unless you stick directly to the question at hand.

And, if you follow tip #1 from my earlier post, the dreaded result in tip #2 should not happen!
If you separate your time into thinking/outlining time and writing time, and then follow the jottings of your thinking time, you will not be tempted to stray into extraneous areas.

So, please remember: extraneous detail wastes your time, wastes the professor's time, and doesn't get you any more points. In fact, it may get you fewer points (notice that I did not use the word less which would be incorrect here) because it will take away time that you could more beneficially spend elsewhere on your exam.

As always, my best wishes on all your exams!

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