Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shameless plug for a new book

Here is a shameless plug for a new book in which I have contributed a chapter. The book, Silencing Cinema, has just been shipped from Palgrave and is now available at an online bookstore near you....(as the old saying goes).

The book includes chapters on film censorship around the world, an area of censorship study that has been woefully neglected...until now! In it you'll find chapters by scholars the likes of which makes me blush to have been included--big names in the history of American film censorship like Gregory Black and Jon Lewis. The book looks at American censorship (of course) but also censorship in  China, Nigeria, Latin America, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and Northern Europe. No other work has dealt with film censorship on such a broad geographical scale. My thanks to editors Daniel Biltereyst and Roel Vande Winkel for including my work on American governmental censorship in such a prestigious volume.

Click on the book above to go to Palgrave's site, or click here to go to to learn more.

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